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We at Bass/Valle Casting are committed to promoting anti-racist and non-discriminatory casting practices. We strive to create a safe, enjoyable and equitable casting process for actors, performers and creatives.


Our goal at Bass/Valle Casting is to provide creative talent solutions for all projects.  We pride ourselves on in-depth casting searches and are committed to diversity casting.  We do not consider a job done until the entire creative team is satisfied.  We stay available to our producers until the job is completed, including last minute replacements.  We believe that casting is a collaborative effort and we will work closely with the creative team to provide the best possible service that we can.

We are available for bilingual (English/Spanish) and Spanish language projects.

As teachers Harriet and Gama's mission is to transition students from a university, conservatory, or amateur setting to the professional stage or screen.  It is to demystify the audition process and to prepare you to begin the business of acting. When working with professional actors, Harriet will help identify habits that have been stumbling blocks to successful auditions and advise on how to  jump start your career.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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