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At Bass/Valle we are committed to anti-racist casting practices.  We are also committed to advocating for diversity at all levels in the casting industry. We recognize the implicit bias in our profession and strive to eradicate such practice in all aspects of our industry and the casting process.  We encourage employment of BIPOC and LGBTQI+  actors and actors with disabilities wherever and whenever  we can.  We want actors of all races, ethnic groups, genders, gender expressions, body type and abilities seen on stage and screen so that all people can see themselves fully represented in the entertainment industry.

We are very proud of having had the opportunity to cast projects that have employed Black and Brown actors in roles that have traditionally been cast as white. Continuing to dismantle the white gaze through which casting is often seen and centering casting efforts in elevating disenfranchised voices and bodies will not only enhance the quality of work we get to experience, it will make the industry a more exciting, fair and equitable venue.  We have seen the results of casting outside the white gaze first hand and can testify to the impact that it has on audiences. Quite truthfully it is thrilling and we only want to see more of it. 

We are committed to do our part  being more responsible in the way we write and release breakdowns, to do our part advocating for authenticity in casting, challenging the “white by default” notion and the binary container. But nothing will change if producers and artistic teams do not make an effort to choose the work that will bring to the screen and the stage the authentic diversity and inclusivity that our industry desperately needs. We encourage our clients and the entertainment industry at large to break free from the shackles of institutional racism and implicit bias.

Racial injustice has come to the forefront of our consciousness. It is long overdue. We are committed to be mindful and sensitive to this issue and help to erase inequality in our industry.

Follow these links for information on organizations that are at the forefront of the fight againt systemic racism in the entertainment industry.


In reaction to civil unrest in our country, we—Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) theatremakers—formed a collective of multi-generational, multi-disciplinary, early career, emerging and established artists, theater managers, executives, students, administrators, dramaturges and producers, to address the scope and pervasiveness of anti-Blackness and racism in the American theater.

Broadway for Racial Justice

Fighting for racial justice and equity by providing immediate resources, assistance, and amplification for BIPOC in the Broadway and Theatrical community at-large. In doing so, we help to create safe spaces throughout the theatre community for creativity and artistry to thrive.



TIME’S UP insists upon a world where everyone is safe and respected at work. A world where women have an equal shot at success and security. A world where no one lives in fear of sexual harassment or assault.


Launched in 2015 as a national initiative, artEquity provides tools, resources, and training at the intersection of art and activism. With over 5,000 individuals trained, and a growing alumni community, artEquity is building a broad base of individuals and organizations who are strategically poised to create and sustain a culture of equity, inclusion, and justice through arts and culture.

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Uniting artists, students, community leaders and those directly impacted to use storytelling in the fight for justice and liberation.

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