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Dean of the School of the Arts




                   Harriet Bass' master class workshop is an outstanding experience for acting and musical theatre students.  As a highly respected casting director, her professional experience, knowledge of show business, and razor-sharp direction offer insights and knowledge that only someone of her talent and skills could provide.  Not only does she illuminate in detail the audition process, she is also a superb acting coach.  In every school I’ve taught (Emerson, Yale, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and elsewhere), Harriet Bass is the first person, in some cases the only person, I contact for master class workshops.  Simply put, her master class is one of the finest I’ve observed in 40 years as an actor and acting teacher.  She is honest and encouraging as well as rigorous and firm, willing to tell students the truth in what they must do to succeed as professional actors.

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MELIA bensussen

Artistic Director

Hartford, CT



                   Harriet Bass is an extraordinary asset to a young actor's work experience. Her knowledge about the profession, her insights in regard to what directors and casting directors look for in an actor, as well as her understanding of an artists'craft and vulnerabilities, make her an invaluable voice for the new graduate. Harriet knows how to give feedback that can be heard, knows how to help focus an actor's attention on the work at hand, and can support the performer while helping them get better at their craft.  I have worked with Harriet as a Casting Director and a Guest Teacher at Emerson numerous times, and am constantly astonished by the ease and grace of her insights, and the wealth of her professional wisdom. 

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GINO diiorio

Chairman of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts




                   Harriet Bass is an outstanding acting teacher.  Harriet has given a number of workshops at Clark and the students are always wowed by her knowledge and ability. She brings great energy to the room to create a welcoming environment for students at all levels.

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