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    Harriet Bass’ support, insight and energy have been pivotal for me as I built my acting craft. She was a key professor for me at Fordham University and has been a mentor for me ever since. Harriet’s presence in the audition room brings the best out of her actor—and with her support I’ve been able to reach towards challenging and prestigious jobs. Harriet is a radiant, resilient and elegant human being and her insight has helped to guide and support me as I build my career.

    The feedback that Harriet gave during the master class was a breath of fresh air. The class just made me even more excited to graduate this coming May. I cannot thank her enough for treating my class like professionals and allowing us to hear the truth of casting.

    The workshop was both eye opening, and inspiring.

    I feel so appreciative that Harriet spent time at Dean College working with each of us individually. Although it was only three hours, I felt like so much was accomplished, and I learned so much in the short time that I had to work on my monologue in the audition setting. The mock audition helped me to feel a little bit more confident when approaching auditioning in the “real world”.  I learned so much and had plenty of fun doing it.

    Harriet Bass delivered more than just a masterclass; she delivered a lifetime's worth of invaluable information on the tools that a young artist needs to cross the threshold from student to professional. She made clear distinctions between merely auditioning, and sharing the most honest approach to your craft in the audition room. She convinces students that an audition is not just a moment to showcase performance of a few pages of dialogue, but rather an opportunity for the artist to bring the world of the play to life - which enables everyone in the room to become fully invested.

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