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Dress Up, Dress Down: Nail Your Audition Outfit

Dressing for a theatre audition can be a bit tricky.  I know that we all want to look our best when auditioning, but it is important that your dress be in sync with the character that you are auditioning for.  That does not mean to come in costume.  You should come dressed in something that suggests the style and period of the show.

Here are some tips that might help you nail your audition outfit:

1) If it’s a character that dresses down, dress down, if it’s a character that dresses up, dress up.  That includes suits for men and dresses and heels for women if it’s appropriate.  Jeans and sneakers also are fine if the character wears jeans and sneakers.

2) Both men and women should steer clear of distracting shoes.  Women’s heels should be of a reasonable height and you should feel very comfortable walking in them.  No shoes should be too loud when you walk across the room.  We are easily distracted. 

3) For period pieces wear clothing that suggests the time.  A very contemporary dress, no matter how good it looks on you, will also distract us.


Make it easy for the creative team to see you in the role.

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