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Although an agent isn't the definitive answer to finding work, it will certainly help. Here are a few useful avenues to try:

1. If you have friends, acquaintances, or classmates that are already represented by an agent ask if they think it might be appropriate to pass your headshot, resume and/or video reel on to their representative.

2. If you do not have colleagues with connections to any talent agency, try getting involved in a theatre group or showcase that does have folks with representation. Those agents will often go to shows to see their clients and will be able to see you in the process.

3. Share any professional quality videos of your work on social media. You never know who may be trolling the internet looking for the next big star.

4. Take advantage of the acting networks that introduce you to agents and casting directors: i.e Actors Connections, One on One, Mandy, etc. These networking services charge fees for meeting these professionals. Make sure that you spend your time and money wisely be choosing to meet the industry professionals that you think are most likely to advance your career.

5. Get involved in any acting training program that culminates in a showcase that invites, agents, managers, and casting directors to see your work upon graduation from the program. That can be either as a member of a graduate degree program or as a member of a local acting studio/school.

6. Take work wherever you can get it and invite agents to see it. They will often refuse. Do not let that discourage you. As long as your work is out there someone will see it and word of mouth of your good work might just trickle its way down to the right agent for you.

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