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Unfortunately the pandemic has temporarily shut down most of the nations theatres and production studios. We will be re-opening soon and actors can start looking for work in earnest.

For those of you without agents the search for work becomes your sole responsibility. For those of you with agents the responsibility is shared. Don't depend on your agent to be your only contact for finding work. It is your job as well to keep your eyes and ears open for employment opportunity. Here are some suggestions for looking for work.

1. Start with the trade papers and websites that announce audition opportunities: Backstage, The Hollywood Reporter, Playbill, Broadway World, Actors Access, #CastingCall etc.

2. Follow some of your favorite theatres, film productions companies, talent agencies, and casting directors offices on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter . They often post audition opportunities .

3. Use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to promote yourself and your work. Do be careful about the type of work that you share. If it is not something that showcases you well, do not post it.

4. Try the union websites.

5. Try individual theatre sites where they post their seasons and will often post opportunities for auditioning

6. Try individual casting directors websites to see if they post their upcoming auditions.

7. Try your local film office. They will usually have a list of productions that will be shot in your location and the contact information for the casting director on each project. They also often post opportunities for background actors which is a good way to get familiar with a film or TV set.

8. Create an account on audition websites like Actors Access or Be sure to include a video reel of your work. Keep these accounts updated with correct contact information and new work.

9. Have your own website where you can post videos, reviews of your work, various headshots, and your resume

10. Take as many opportunities that come your way to gain more and more experience.Do student films, non paid showcases, independent films, commercials, industrials, voice overs or even create your own performance venues.All of these opportunities just introduce you to more people in the industry who potentially have work for you.

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