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Most of our auditions these days are done via taped submissions followed by zoomed callbacks, and we anticipate that this trend will continue.

The zoom callback is the vehicle by which the creative team will get to know you. Make sure that you bring your best self to the table. They will very likely begin by engaging you in conversation. Just be your usual wonderful self and converse with energy and interest.

They may also have called you back in paired auditions. Be respectful of this other actor on your zoom. During the audition make sure you connect with this partner as you would in a live audition. Eye contact and listening will be key.

If this is an audition that is solely for you and there is no scene partner on your zoom, do not automatically assume that the creative team will provide a reader. Have someone on hand who can step in if needed.

It is also OK for you or your agent to ask if there is anything specific that they are looking for in this callback. This question can be asked ahead of your audition to help you better prepare. Dress appropriate to the character that you are auditioning for, and be sure to bring back all the acting choices that got you this callback in the first place.

All the usual obvious elements of a virtual audition will still apply. Make sure you have a neutral background, make sure that your camera crops you waist level or above, look directly into the camera or just slightly to the left or right of it (assuming that you do not have an on screen partner), and make sure you have adequate frontal lighting, i.e. a ring light.

Be sure to exit the session with confidence and gratitude. Thank the creative team, thank your acting partner, thank the reader and, of course, thank your wonderful self (maybe a silent one here) for all the hard work you put into this new virtual audition process. Hopefully soon we will all be in the audition room together again.

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