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11 Tips to Improve Your Taped Auditions

Auditioning on tape has become a common practice of late. I have cast numerous shows from them and will most likely continue to do so in the future.

(Who remembers these?!)

Here are some tips for improving your taped submissions:

1) It is imperative to get the tape to me in a timely fashion. Agents often ask me for the tape deadline.

2) Be sure to tape all the sides that you are given.

3) Be sure that the sound is good.

4) Be sure to introduce yourself at the start of the tape.

5) Try to stay away from taping in front of distracting backgrounds.

6) Include a view of your whole body.

7) Make the camera shot from about the waist up.

8) Send the tape in a format that is easy for the creative team to download.

9) Include your headshot and resume.

10) Be available to Skype with the creative team if it is so requested.

11) Make sure that you do all the preparation work that you would do for any in the room audition.


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